Why Do Parents Today Want Kids To Learn Coding

Why Do Parents Today Want Kids To Learn Coding?

Born into the digital age, children’s lives today are digitized by Wi-Fi, smartphones and laptops, making them the ‘digital natives’. Everybody is a user of technology, but it takes a great deal of exposure to understand how technology works, and become creators and makers ourselves. 

The best way to start? Code.


Career Awareness

Coding creates opportunities for our future generation to map out their careers, which 85% of these jobs don’t even exist yet. Presently, some of the highest demanded jobs (also the highest paying jobs) in the world require coding skills, and preparing children from a young age instills a clear career awareness. Plus, they will be well-off on their own to face any challenges with the acquired essential skills.

Builds Persistence

“Too many children today are not persisting with problem-solving in particular,” writes Tony Ryan, author of ‘The Next Generation: Preparing Today’s Kids For An Extraordinary Future’. Coding requires constant debugging and error fixes (super frustrating), also a whole lot of patience and perseverance. Tackling complex problems in the process of coding fosters discipline among children, and they learn about problem solving too! #challengeaccepted

Creativity & Confidence

To become creators, children need to be innovative, and very certain of their ideas. Coding encourages them to get their creative juices flowing, where they explore their imaginations to create apps, websites and even video games for other kids to have fun with. Seeing their creative input come to life plants a seed of confidence within them. Who wouldn’t want that?


How iTrain Kids can help your child to learn how to code

iTrain Kids has been empowering children to build their future through coding camps, classes and workshops since its inception.

Now, the demand from parents has brought our coding programs online. Your children can now learn one-to-one with our experienced coaches, right from home.

To learn more about our online classes, click: itrainkids.com/online-class/

If you need further information, please contact +6012-798 0622 via Whatsapp or phone call. You can also drop an email to info@itrainkids.com and we will help you find the right learning package for your needs.

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