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As parents, we prioritise our children’s education. As much as we want to provide the best for them, financial limitations sometimes become a factor. With the ongoing global crisis, keeping track of our finances can be challenging.

If you are willing to take the first step, iTrainKids has got your back! With Hoolah and Maybank’s EzyPay 0% Instalments, your children’s future can go easy on your wallet.

Why choose instalment payment ?

Considering the current situation resulting from the pandemic, this could be your best option. Instead of forking out a large chunk of money, you can instead pay in smaller portions.

Contrary to conventional credit card systems, iTrainKids offers a more consistent plan that breaks down payments.

Reap The Benefits of Interest-Free Monthly Instalments

Ever had a shock looking at a bill or price quotation? Trust us, it is pretty common especially when the digits multiply. When it comes to children’s education, it can easily become one of our biggest investments.

We, at iTrainKids, understand families. It is our obligation to reduce the burden of parents. Working with Hoolah and Maybank has allowed us to provide you with a more feasible method of payment. 

These instalment plans allow financially smart parents like you to sort out the entire course expenses for up to 18 months, without interest. Yes, you heard us right! iTrainKids has made it possible for parents to extend instalment payment periods with 0% interest.

Break down payments into 3 instalments with Hoolah, or go for a longer term of instalment for up to 18 months with Maybank EzyPay.

Am I eligible for the Instalment Payment?

Wondering how these packages work? Not sure if you are eligible for this payment plan? You can check the list of requirements in the eligible category of Hoolah and Maybank

If you’re interested to sign up online using one of these options, you can click on your preferred payment and simply proceed to checkout. In store, you can also inform the employees present of your interest before signing up.

The total cost of your transaction will then be split into multiple monthly instalments according to the timeframe you have decided and agreed upon with terms and conditions.

Taking one step at a time

We know parents who would go above and beyond to ensure their children receive the greatest access to education. So, allow us to guide you throughout your journey by laying the groundwork for young kids to conquer the state of art’s 21st century skills. 

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