Course Outline

  1. Introduction to computers and programming.
  2. Understand the code, costumes and sounds features.
  3. Create your player's sprite movement.
  4. Understand x and y coordinates, directions and commands.
  5. Learn how to draw interesting patterns.
  6. Make an AI to play a pong game with you.

  1. Understand the math concept like the four operations, random numbers and comparing numbers.
  2. Create simple variables and apply it to your project.
  3. Control of characters using Commands.
  4. Learn the Relative versus Absolute commands.
  5. Give instructions to your Characters.
  6. Setting sizes.

  1. Step-by-step Animation.
  2. Understand loops and parallelism techniques.
  3. Customize costumes,using bit images, colours and pick music.
  4. Creation of in-game variables such as timer and score.

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