More than 400 kids learn coding with iTrainKids at MDEC’s #Mydigitalmaker fair 2019

Getting kids excited about education can be a tough sell, and yet that’s exactly what last weekend’s #digitalmaker fair succeeded in doing. With a particular focus on digital skills and technology, MDEC’s annual fair brings together partners from across Malaysia to showcase the exciting skills that can be taught.Want to pilot drone? Explore worlds in VR? Be a robot football coach or a CGI film director? All this and more were on offer and kids of all ages loved it.

But this was more than just about fun. Getting kids passionate about technology is the key to building a promising future, both for themselves and Malaysia. Tech skills are essential not just for the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergs of tomorrow, but even future lawyers, doctors, and engineers. The Ministry of Education knows this and has been ambitious in helping roll out tech skills programs to over 100 schools across Malaysia, using this to boost youths’ interest in STEM subjects.  iTrainKids is a big supporter of helping bring coding skills to kids and was at #digitalmaker en force, with two full days of free workshops to teach children coding through games. One of the workshops was led by iTrainKids Star Coder 13 year old Shivendra Ananthan, a graduate of the iTrainkids coding programs.

In fact, #mydigitalmaker held a session on the topic of “Founders & Inventors of the future”, and iTrainKids 11 year old Star Coder Au Pei Yun took the stage as one of the panelists and shared her story about how coding changed her life. “As Coding can be used for different things, I put it to good use by creating animated characters from my imagination along the storylines that I want to tell. Through this type of story-telling, when I can code my own game, it has allowed me to be able to express my feelings that I can’t share because it’s difficult to talk about it.”

iTrainKids is proud to support Au Pei Yun and kids like her on their journey for greater knowledge and creativity through coding.

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