How to Turn Young Coders into Leaders

As parents, we would want to see our children succeed in life. It is natural for us parents to have visions or dreams about our children’s future. We would want them to be successful and courageous leaders, let it be in school or in real life. 

However, honing leadership skills comes with its challenges. It takes time and lots of patience when it comes to instilling these skills among children.

In order to start cultivating leadership skills, we have to first provide our children with the right tools and environment to achieve that. So how does coding come into play?

Among many other known reasons, coding prepares children in facing real-world problems. By being exposed to coding, our children will become more aware of it’s role in driving digital economy.  The world is evolving, with new inventions discovered everyday. Coding help children perceive how the world really is, fueling their critical thinking skills.

Let’s dive deeper into how learning coding or programming can enforce a leader’s mindset among learners.

Coding with Scratch

Scratch is an MIT-developed graphical programming language based on drag-and-drop programming basics. Kids can easily create interactive stories, comics, and customise characters. They get their feet wet with programming statements and computational ideas without having to type a single line of code and begin to push their creative thinking boundaries to problem-solve. 

When coding with a beginner-friendly tool like Scratch, learners take ownership of what they learn. It is the learner’s full responsibility to take charge of their projects from start to finish. For first-timers, Scratch gives them the real dose of confidence in leading with their own decisions through coding

Coding with MIT App Inventor

Believe it or not, kids use MIT App Inventor to create mobile apps on Android! Kids can actually build apps faster than most would expect. The process of building an app would include coming up with an idea, designing the app, writing codes, testing the app, and finally launching it. 

The combination of innovation and creativity becomes the start of a journey to building leadership skills. There are many steps one needs to take in building an app. Kids who are able to ideate and produce a functional app are exercising leadership building their own project from start to finish. The challenges of yesterday differs from the challenges of today. It takes a new generation with fresh ideas to really come up with applications that can change the world.

Coding with Python

In today’s world, a business without a website are like dinosaurs! Python is a great tool for older children to develop a website. Python offers a much deeper dive into the programming realm. At this stage, children can come up with a solutions to real-world problems, using Python as a tool. Websites that are beneficial and informational at the same time are often results of what children would produce. This gives them a real boost of leadership skills that is highly sought-after in the market

Many leaders in the tech world started their journey to success through coding. Names like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are no stranger to any of us. In fact, these are some of the top tech leaders who are still continuing to evolve.

Giving Kids a Head Start In Leading

There are no bounds in children’s creativity and learning abilities. One of the many ways to carve a leader is through coding skills. There are a plenty of other activities can shape a leader. However, there are none that can be more relevant and timeless  other than coding.

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