Our Holiday Bootcamp ensures that children continue to learn exciting educational activities even over the school holidays, allowing them to return to school feeling more confident, prepared, and ready to tackle new challenges with newfound knowledge.

Intake: 13th December, 20th December and 27th December 2021



Fee includes: lesson, course material and certificate of completion

Set up new goals for your kids in 2021

This holiday, look no further as iTrainKids has something exciting in store for you!

Grab your laptops or computers and hop on a journey to becoming young game builders, and innovators, all happening from the comfort of your own home.

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Our Guarantee to Parents

Supportive training and administration team
Safe and secure learning environment
Children engage in happy activities
Convenient for busy parents
0 + Exciting
and rewarding bootcamp projects
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would recommend our bootcamp to others

Game Development


Scratch Programming

Ages 6 - 9

 Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations in 4 days & share your creations with others in the online Scratch community. We have 3 intakes available for our Scratch Programming Bootcamp.


Ages 6-12

 Learn how to design, provide logical instructions to the characters through code. Create simple movements like making a chicken walk, to more complex ones like making a golem kill zombies outside your castle. You can choose to either enrol for our 4 days or 8 days class.

App Development

MIT App Inventor for Android
Ages 7-11

 Understand the basics of programming and learn how Android Apps are built. At the end of our 4 days bootcamp, you will successfully create your own Android Applications using App Inventor 2 and will be able to publish it on Playstore. We have 3 intakes available for this course!

Web Development

Build your own website
with Python Programming
Ages 10-17+

Understand and learn the basics of how to use Python in Web Development. At the end of this 4 days bootcamp, you will be able to Create digital art by coding in Python and have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language. We have 3 intakes available for this course!

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