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Sign your kids up for a FREE coding trial class at iTrainKids hubs! Great for kids ages 7-17 years old! Choose from a list of our available monthly free trial classes.

About the Courses

Intro To Game Wizard: Train Yourself to become a Game Designer from a Game Player!

Code a fun and exciting game that’s reminiscent of the classic Asteroid game. Students are encouraged to get creative. (We’ve seen cats shooting clouds which burst into rainbows, bunnies shooting carrots at molehills, and of course, tanks shooting lasers!) Construct 2, a game engine popularly used by booth hobbyists and professionals, is used to enable visual programming. Kids will develop stronger logical cognitive abilities via the usage of conditional programming concepts. The concepts learned here could also pave the way for learners of code to venture into a professional coding career in the future.


Intro to Game Warrior: Create Your Very Own Unique Gaming World and Characters!

Join our game-making course for absolute beginners and watch your kids bring their anime-inspired stories and creative imagination to life! In this workshop, the RPG Maker game engine is used to help kids learn conditional programming concepts in a simple, highly visual way. Students will develop stronger logical cognitive abilities by learning about events and actions; as well as how to add layout and layers, object and variables, sound effects and randomness into their game.



10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Intro To Game Warrior: Build Your Own Role-Playing Game!

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Intro To Game Wizard: Code a 2D Video Game!