Coding is one of the most crucial 21st century skills as everything is going digital. The demand has no plans to be slowing down in the near future. Today, kids as young as 4 are starting to grasp the basics of coding and computational thinking.

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From 2D games, to mobile apps, we take you on a journey of discovering the power of coding through fun and interactive projects. Brace yourselves for an awesome ride at our Tech Playground, where computers meet creators!

iTrainKids Courses

Group 849

The Great Escape

Age 7 to 9 | Scratch

Project A - Avatar

Project B - Return of the Jedi

Project C - The Empire Strike Back

Brawl Sprout

Age 7 to 9 | Android App Inventor

Project A - Tara Brawl: Painter

Project B - Gene Brawl: Photobooth

Project C - Brawl Spike: Car Locator

Among Coders

Age 10 to 14 | Construct

Project A - The Galaxy Shooter

Project B - The Turret Defense

Project C - The Platformer Game


Age 15 to 17+

Project A - Extractor

Project B - Web Browser

Project C - Google Search


Age 12 to 17

Project A - Space Shooter

Project B - Space Invader

Project C - Star Trek

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Package C

Feeling adventurous? Join this 6-month program and come up with 3 cool projects when you complete your coding expedition with us!

Package B

Dive deeper into the fundamentals of programming in this 4-month program and launch 2 projects by the end of your coding quest.

Package A

Embark on your coding journey and start building your very own game-based project using the basics of coding.

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