Data Science for Kids: Course Overview

If science explains how the world works, data science uses data to draw insights and solve problems around us. Every day, kids are surrounded by data: game scores, sports leaderboards, test results, M&M’s, and so on! Just like playing guess their favourite colours in a bag of M&M’s, many kids already have a natural affinity to sort physical objects and make pictorial representations (or drawings) of their observations. Our Data Science for Kids Course is a first-of-its-kind workshop in Malaysia designed to advance the essential analytical skills children and teens need to become experts in data organization, visualisation and critical thinking. In this course, kids will play with data in fun, engaging ways using various programming languages and tools such as Python, Excel charts, Pandas, NumPys, etc. Just as having more facts in hand can help us make more informed decisions, mastering Data Science from an early age can build one’s logical thinking capabilities and reasoning capabilities—that can help our future generation stay cutting edge in tomorrow’s digital world.

Key Benefits

Learning Outcomes


Kids learn the importance of collecting, cleaning and analysing data sets to draw meaningful insights.


Help kids to analyse and visualise data for making better decisions using a popular programming language: Python.


Kids are exposed to different types of pictorial representations of data to discover useful information.

Praise for iTrainKids

Proud to inspire great things in little ones!

Coding, Made Exciting!

iTrainKids knows how to make coding exciting for children. My 10 year old son went to 2 classes conducted by them and enjoyed the classes!– Eliza Noordin

Platform for the Future Breeds

Great platform for preparing our future generation.– Amir Haghbin

Hands-On Experiential Learning

Their courses are really practical, from my son’s feedback. He enjoys it a lot.– Jamie Goh

Quick FAQ

While no prior coding knowledge is required, kids who have a basic knowledge of programming in Python will be able to pick up certain modules of our Data Science Course better with the following basics:
● Able to create and assign variables
● Able to write programs with loops
● Able to write programs with conditions
We recommend kids to sit for our Python course prior to joining this course. Click here for more information on our Code Games with Python course.

iTrainKids Data Science for Kids course is divided into 10 Modules (Half Day per Module, held Once Weekly), which is thoughtfully structured for their ease of understanding:
1. Basics of Statistics
2. Role of Data in Data Science
3. Python Basics
4. Getting Deeper into Data Science using Python
5. Data Preparation
6. Various Python Operations on created Data Sets
7. Data Cleansing
8. Importing Data using Pandas
9. Python Data Wrangling
10. Dealing with Date & Time Data
11. Data Visualisation
12. Getting Deeper into Data Visualisation

There will also be a final project in Module 12 to test and reinforce the kids’ understanding on all subjects taught so far.

Data Science is a set of methods and tools used to extract knowledge and insights from data sets. A subset of computer science, Data Science draws heavily on statistics and data analysis to explain how the world works and arrive at meaningful conclusions. Learning Data Science will not only complement a child’s mathematical and scientific knowledge, which they will learn as key subjects in school, but it will also build their logical, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities on the whole. It is also a solid career pathway for teens who wish to become coders, scientists, data analysts, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, and innovators of the future.

Your child will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing this Course. Every module further comes with hands on projects and exercises, so kids can play with real-time data in order to gain beneficial insights on how the world around them works, make informed decisions, and even learn to predict future outcomes.

Currently we do not have any classes. They may join other classes in the age range of 7 to 9 years old, but our trainers would have to assess the child first in order to gauge whether the class is suitable for your child. This assessment will be conducted prior to the class.

Laptops will be provided during the duration of the class. Kids are not required to bring anything for the class.

Computer programming or coding is usually task driven with specific functionalities in mind. Data Science is more discovery oriented. Data Scientists make discoveries or even predictions about the future based of insights culled from data. It’s the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

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