Creative Science (STEAM)

Learning from Experience!

How do we travel to space? How do we breathe? What can we learn about dinosaurs? How can we make science fun and exciting?

Children ages 7-12 can now learn with the most innovative and comprehensive learning system developed in Silicon Valley: Playnovate.

Our Courses

  • Cover more content than regular school-based learning for science of equivalent age.
  • Makes learning science fun, addictive and expands the creative mind.
  • Increases retention of learning, by engaging children on multiple levels.

How It Works

Our Creative Science (STEAM) courses use customized kits for each lesson, and combine this with neuroscience-backed Inquiry-Based Learning:

Stimulate curiosity, through a story (Ask)

Generate ideas, encouraging research (Investigate)

Drive experimentation (Create)

Share and challenge your solution (Discuss)

Internalise the lesson and learnings (Reflect)

Why It Is Important

In the 21st Century it is no longer enough to teach the test, pushing children to memorise without understanding.

As the job markets become more competitive and complex, it requires learning not just what to think, but how to think:


Creativity & Innovation

Collaboration & Communication

Critical Thinking

This is the essence of STEAM education, teaching well-known subject matters (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths)

but in new innovative ways that also develop the above skills.

Complete & Comprehensive K6 STEAM Curriculum

  • Solve the barriers of learning hands-on experimental based STEAM education.
  • Improve learning effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Excite and motivate young learners.
  • 4 major Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science).
  • Adopting USA’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that the world is adopting.
  • 6 levels with 192 lessons (very complete).
  • Every lesson comes with teaching and hands-on science kits (high barrier of entry).
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