Coding for Kids: Slay Popular Fallacies with 5 Minutes of Reading!

#1. Coding is Complicated

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A lot of people will say “Coding is hard!” Unfortunately many would give up along the way. One of the things that beginners should know is there’s no such thing as an “instant coder”. Becoming a good coder takes consistent effort and practice. Just code. Work on a project or create an app that is relevant to what you’ve learned. Imagine you want to learn how to play the piano. You need to practice more and learn new songs to be familiar with the notes and keys in order for you to play it well. Don’t be afraid to fail. Because that is the only way you can progress. Don’t get affected by the illusion of how hard coding can be that it stops you from being a competent coder!

#2. Coders End Up as Loners and Socially Awkward

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We’re all familiar with the old saying that goes. “Kids shouldn’t stay in front of the screen for too long because it is not healthy”. A common misconception is that coders sit behind a desk and do nothing but stare at a screen for eight hours. They will not eat, take a bath, nor will they ever go out of their room. To make it worse, a lot of people think that coders tend to be socially awkward. That they don’t communicate with people. In reality, this is not true!

Developing a successful app or game requires a team effort. Take the game PUBG for example. It took a large group of coders working together to come up with the final product, not only one person doing it solo. When you work in a group, you’ll likely meet seniors. They have been in the field for many years and are highly-equipped to give you the training that you need. Make friends with these professionals and seek knowledge from them. There are also online resources that you can learn from, most of which are free! You will have to know how to pick the right ones.

#3. Coding is Only for Boys

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Did someone say coding is not meant for girls? Well today, coding might is a club for boys, making girls feel like they don’t and can’t fit in. But, coding is not a biological thing so it shouldn’t be gender-biased. An assessment from National Assessment for Educational Progress – also known as The Nation’s Report card has shown that eighth-grade girls in the United States outperformed boys in technology and engineering literacy.

Time to break the spell! For over the past few years, large number of jobs were in the coding field. That trend is likely to continue. Girls who have an early exposure to the industry are sought after. Girls can start their own movement. Like how this 10-year-old supergirl did to make her community better!

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