Coding for Kids: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Coding. Some call it the language of the future. Some say it is the most essential language of today.

Whatever you call it, we know that coding is here to stay. Let’s jump right into 5 things you need to know about coding as a parent.

Why Kids Like To Code

If you’ve seen what codes can do, then figuring out why kids love to code is an easy one.

Coding brings our children’s imaginations to life! Plus, it is the high correlation of coding with games that sells.

Oftentimes, kids are in the impression that they are ‘playing a game’ when they code. 

The multiple functions in the coding process gives kids access to what happens behind the making of a game.

To have control over themes, challenges, characters, animations and sounds sure sounds like a lot of fun.

Not to mention the number of friends that they are able to make, who would most likely be sharing the same interest. 

Why It’s Getting Popular

In the digital age, kids grow up with technology. They are fast in learning about technology and may even surpass us adults in acquiring tech skills.

The constant rise of new technologies and innovations contribute to the shift in job prospects and opportunities.

In order to compete and stand out in this increasingly saturated career scene, kids have to be well-equipped with essential skills like coding.

Why Coding Is Taught In Schools

Coding classes are now progressively being integrated into the school syllabus, especially in private and international schools.

For educators, coding helps to shape kids into better learners.

Through learning how to code, kids are able to build vital skills like analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Is Coding Difficult?

Platforms like Scratch and Pygame that are beginner friendly are popularly used by coding newbies. Most learners are able to catch up really quick with the right amount of practice.

Once one gets the hang of common coding concepts like sequencing and cause effect, coding would be a breeze!

In fact, let’s hear it from a fellow young coder herself.

Why Guided Learning Works

Kids need a trusted source of advice when learning something new.

With the right guidance, learners will be ensured of a proper learning experience.

Coding involves a large number of instructions that having a guide would be helpful. When faced with a problem, kids can easily turn to their instructor for assistance.

Guided learning helps keep learners engaged, and ultimately helps them achieve their learning objectives.

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