Code Games With Python: Course Overview

Kids build their own space invaders clone game using Python code. They will develop the mindset of a professional coder by learning how to debug, run and test code. Python, the powerful programming language used at tech companies and in academia, is easy to use and learn. It is available on all platforms, and the skills picked up along the way will develop in kids a solid groundwork for creating bigger, more complex and versatile games and apps that can be run on any platform or any operating system. This workshop will train kids’ endurance to become a real coder in the future.

Course Outline

Learning Outcomes


Experience real coding like professional developers.


Understand and apply basic principles of programming.


Create a variety of 2D games using Python.

Praise for iTrainKids

Proud to inspire great things in little ones!

Coding, Made Exciting!

iTrainKids knows how to make coding exciting for children. My 10 year old son went to 2 classes conducted by them and enjoyed the classes!– Eliza Noordin

Knowledge for the Future Generation

Essential knowledge for the next generation. Wish they had it when I was that age.– Abu Huraira

Platform for the Future Breeds

Great platform for preparing our future generation.– Amir Haghbin

Quick FAQ

Laptops will be provided during the duration of the class. Kids are not required to bring anything for the class. It is advisable to bring a pendrive to save their progress in it.

Coding or programming involves writing a set of instructions for a computer device to carry out a specific task. It is everywhere from our phones to the traffic lights system. The world is moving at a fast rate to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in which technology will become fully integrated into everyone’s lives. Learning coding and programming will give kids an advantage for their future.

Your child will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing this Course. They will get to bring home their project and show it off to their family and friends. They will also leave the class with better understanding of how the digital world works around them.

Currently we do not have any classes. They may join other classes in the age range of 7 to 9 years old, but our trainers would have to assess the child first in order to gauge whether the class is suitable for your child. This assessment will be conducted prior to the class.

We will keep an eye out on your child at all times during the duration of the class. We will also accompany them wherever they go.

Our headquarters and flagship centre is in Kuala Lumpur. However, we have recently opened up our new franchisee branches in Da Men, Subang, and Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan. We have more new iTrainKids centre openings in the pipeline, including: 1 Utama shopping complex in Bandar Utama and Sri Petaling.

Yes you may, but if the class has reached its maximum capacity, we will not be able to accept your child in for the Course on that day. Priority will be given to those who have registered and paid earlier.

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