Course Outline

  1. Understanding of print function.
  2. Learn the use of variable to manipulate variable.
  3. Learn the use of input function to key in new information.
  4. Create calculator to calculate multiple operation (if/else loop).
  5. Understand how to create equations.
  6. Create simple guessing game (the use of import random library and while loop).
  7. Understanding of different types of loop.
  8. Create simple shape app using Pygame.
  9. Understanding the X and Y axis in programming.
  10. Create space shooter game to understand the uses of class and function.

  1. Brief introduction of class and function in Python.
  2. Learn the flowchart of programming.
  3. Learn how to control player using keyboard.
  4. Load image into Pygame.
  5. Create maze runner game.
  6. Upgrade the maze with the obstacles and load image for player, blocks and enemies.
  7. Adding scoring system into maze game.
  8. Create platformer game.
  9. Upgrade platform game with moving platform.

  1. Application of Python knowledge to create more sophisticated games with some new features in the Python script. Example of games:
    - Tic-tac-toe
    - Connect 4

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