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Why Do Parents Today Want Kids To Learn Coding?

Why Do Parents Today Want Kids To Learn Coding

Born into the digital age, children’s lives today are digitized by Wi-Fi, smartphones and laptops, making them the ‘digital natives’. Everybody is a user of technology, but it takes a great deal of exposure to understand how technology works, and become creators and makers ourselves.  The best way to...

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Special Needs Students Kickstart Their Journey Into The World of Coding With iTrainKids and MDEC

As of 2017, the disabled community only makes up 0.26% of the Malaysian civil service. According to Mohammed Nazari Othman from Society of the Blind Malaysia, Malaysia has a policy that aims to have at least 1% of the disabled community be employed. However, as of July 2018, employment numbers for the disabled are only in between 0.7%-0.8%.

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