7 - 9 Years Old

App Alchemist

Build Your 1st
Android App

Drag and drop visual objects to create your very own apps that can run on any Android device!

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7 - 9 Years Old

Game Warrior

Build A Role-
Playing Game

Create a 2D Japanese-style RPG that can hold limitless quest maps, traps and puzzles.

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10 - 12 Years Old

Game Wizard

Code a 2D
Video Game

Create your dream game with Construct, a software that allows you to build & publish games to the web!

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11 - 17 Years Old

Code Knight

Code Games
With Python

Debug, run, and solve problem with Python coding to build your own space invaders clone game!

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12 - 17 Years Old

Data Scientist

Data Science
for Kids

Advance the essential analytical skills children need to become experts in data organization.

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