About iTrainKids

iTrainKids Teaches Little Explorers Essential 21st Century Coding Skills

iTrainKids offers specialised technology workshops, school holiday bootcamps and weekend classes for children between the ages of 7 and 17. Over 5,000 Malaysian children have learned to become coders and makers of various apps, games, websites and more since the establishment of iTrainKids. Incorporating interactive sessions and experiential learning to teach coding principles and applications, kids are taught how to develop their own digital masterpieces and become creative problem solvers in their own right!

By introducing children early on to programming in a fun and enriching environment, they won’t just learn to code, but also code to learn. Kids will naturally ‘learn as they play’—and that’s a surefire way to get them excited about learning.

The Ecosystem: iTrain Group of Companies

What makes us different? We're a part of a larger ecosystem of Partner Companies that offer the entire lifelong learning journey of digital transformation and growth for individuals (and institutions) across all ages and levels.

iTrainKids Milestones

iTrainKids Awarded ‘My Digital Maker Hub’ Status by MDEC

The #MyDigitalMaker movement is a joint public-private-academia initiative by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to build a nation of digital makers, and mobilise our young generation of Malaysians to embrace technology in their everyday lives through the innovation of apps, websites, hardware, games, and other exciting innovations. iTrainKids is proud to be part of the growing #MyDigitalMaker movement, having recently been awarded the My Digital Maker Hub status by MDEC in January 2019. My Digital Maker Hubs are collaborative spaces where communities of children, educators, and industry experts come together in the activity of digital making, learning, or mastery of digital making knowledge.

iTrainKids Philosophy

Don’t Enrol Your Kids in Just Any Class. Sign Them Up for a Lifelong Quest…

A Quest to build STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematical) powers, learn new tools, develop cognitive thinking abilities, and stun their school bullies with original app creations. Children who ace this progressive Quest can ace life’s biggest tests! Shyness, social weaknesses, poor report cards—no issues. They can become ‘the cool untouchable ones’ who can enchant friends to join them on multi-player game Quests that they have created themselves, invent new possibilities, and be the hero everyone needs by making world-changing impact using code.

Praise for iTrainKids

Proud to inspire great things in little ones!

Coding, Made Exciting!

iTrainKids knows how to make coding exciting for children. My 10 year old son went to 2 classes conducted by them and enjoyed the classes!– Eliza Noordin

Knowledge for the Future Generation

Essential knowledge for the next generation. Wish they had it when I was that age.– Abu Huraira

Hands-On Experiential Learning

Their courses are really practical, from my son’s feedback. He enjoys it a lot.– Jamie Goh

One day of code could yield a lifetime of rewards for your children!

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