3 Unbelievable Activities You Never Knew iTrainKids Provided at School Holiday Bootcamp

“WOW! I never knew coding could be this fun!” That was the response of every child at iTrainKids’ December School Holiday Bootcamp. The amazing technological wonders that students were able to accomplish during the course astounded them. 

We were overjoyed that our lil coders’ parents chose a fun and technologically advanced educational program for their children to work on over the school break. However, it’s rational to assume that some parents had concerns about enrolling their children in the program, such as “Is it necessary for my 6-year-old child to learn coding at such a young age?” “Would that be too much for them?”

We can now comprehend these parents’ reservations, which stem from the overly stigmatized notion that computer literacy is only for adults. On the other hand, we have tailored each program to the age group of the children, with our expert trainers accompanying them and guiding them throughout the program.

At iTrainKids, we believe that introducing children to IT at a young age will make a big difference in their development. Many studies have shown that a brief introduction to the IT area can improve a child’s creativity, problem-solving skills, teamwork and communication, and many other soft skills.

To summarize, our School Holiday Bootcamp is organized into three categories: Game Development, App Development, and Web Development for ages 6-17 years.

For starters, we offer Scratch Programming for children aged 6 to 9. It’s a four-day project in which the kids create their own interactive stories, games, and animations, which they then share with the Scratch community. 

Then there’s the ever-popular Minecraft for kids aged 6 to 12 years old, which falls under the Game Development category. It is a learning activity in which your child will learn how to design and offer logical instructions to Minecraft characters using code. Making simple movements, such as a chicken walking, or more complicated ones, such as a golem killing zombies outside your fortress. 

Aside from that, we have the MIT App Inventor for Android for children aged 7 to 11. It’s a project that will teach you the fundamentals of programming and how Android apps are made. Your child would be able to design their own Android applications with App Inventor 2 and publish them on the Playstore which the students were very excited about. 

Finally, we have Web Development for a more advanced experience in coding for ages 10-17 which was the process of creating your own website using Python programming. It was a task to comprehend and grasp the fundamentals of using Python in web development. Children were able to produce digital art using Python coding and have a basic understanding of the Python programming language and the best part about this was that kids were able to show off their own fully designed website by the end of the bootcamp.

It was all exciting and fun for the children while it lasted, but the December bootcamp had to come to an end.  Without a doubt, the School Holiday Bootcamp has always been a big success as kids get a chance to explore new 21st century skills apart from academics. 

Now, if you have missed out on our , fret not; another bootcamp for your little ones will be held this coming February-March 2022. Our available intakes are: 28th February, 7th March and 14th March 2022.

Click here and grab a slot (or two) for your kids as soon as possible, as each course has a limited number of seats. Looking to speak to our representative? Drop us a WhatsApp at 017-870 5113 to learn more about our upcoming bootcamp or any other courses offered by iTrainKids. 



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